Frederic  Kass

Return To Me

      Seporie was eleven years old. She had begun to dream of boys and pictured her dark haired brown eyed hero with his strong stair and zany sense of humor.

Efrum was twelve years old. He began to dream of his favorite lady with her dark brown shining eyes, her wavy dark brown hair and luscious lips.

They were in the lunch room. They stared at each other. Efrum walked nervously over to Separa who was sitting with her girl friends. He said in a quiet shy voice:

“May I sit down in the empty chair next to you?” He continued with a quip. “ I haven’t been with a girl between the time I left the hospital after I was born and today.”

Seporie thought. ‘What a weird, but entertaining sense of humor’. She looked at him. There he was. Two inches taller than with the dark hair and brown eyes with that strong stair.

“Okay, she answered”. But I only have another fifteen minutes before I half to go back to class”

“That’s okay”. Efrum commented.” I’ll postpone my opening speech about how I like you until the next time we meet.”

‘There he goes again with his sense of humor’. Seporie noted to herself. She smiled.

They began to talk, about their families, the subjects in school, and then the bell rang. The fifteen minutes was up.

“Can I walk you home?” Efrum asked.

Seporie hesitated. She wondered if she should give Efrum a hard time or say yes. She decided to say yes. She suspected behind this mask of humor was a very sensitive person.

“I would like that.” Seporie answered.

“Great. See you after your English class. “Efrum said with relief.

Seporie left the cafeteria and walked back to her classed. Efrum turned half away in his chair and watched Seporie glide outside the cafeteria and through the doors as is she were an angel.

They met after English class and then after that and later. Now it was five years later. They had been dating steadily for two years in high school. They attended classes together.

They went to football and basket ball games together. Sometimes they studied together. They ate at each other’s houses. Both were introduced to other parents.

Finally, in the summer of his junior year, after Efrum and Seporie had gone to a dance, they went for a drive in Efrum’s family’s old Buick. He stopped after parking on the curb about a block from her house.

“Seporie,” Efrum said in a soft quavering voice. “You know we have been together for a long period of time. I love you and want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?  I know I don’t have much money. I could work part time while I am in school and we can make our family together.”

“Seporie started to tear. She could see the emotion in Efrum’s eyes. She hugged him and kissed him.

“Oh, Efrum,” Seporie, hummed. “If you could believe this, I knew you were the one for me as soon as I saw you in the caferia those many years ago. If only we could live out our dreams and hopes. But you have no money, no career. You must go to school. I want a carrier in legal studies. You are tops in chemistry and said you wanted to go to pre-med. I don’t know what to say right know. I do love you. Let’s still see each other and see how this works out.”

Efrum hung his head. Seporie took his head in her arms and gave him a long kiss. They cried together. 

“Remember, I love you. “Seporie said softly. 

“I love you, too”. Whispered Efrum.

They continued to date. They graduated. Efrum had already begun to attend the state school in premed.

Seporie attended the local community college to begin her legal certificate training, to later hopefully lead to law school. They continued to see each other. They began to talk about their future and how Seporie could earn her certificate and work as a legal assistance until Efrum finished medical school and internship, and then, with his doctor’s practice, help Seporie return to law school. They talked about having children.

Then, Efrum received an offer from a recruiter to enter into the reserves which would pay for medical school and to take part early on with a special study helping veterans with Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury. 

He told Seporie about it. Seporie was within three months of completing her paralegal certificate. 

Efrum, said: “You can come with me. They have family housing. I will probably be state side.” 

In a rare burst of anger, Seporie blurted: “I though you loved me. You would stay with me. You know I am helping out my mother. I am just three months from completing my legal certificate!”

Efrum did not know what to say at first. His voice became louder.

“You know I love you. How can you believe a don’t care about you and your mother? I can move there first. You can help make arrangements to maintain the help for your mother. You can come back when needed.  I can help you find another school to transfer to”

“Efrum”, Seporie said. Her voice cold and impersonal. “Why do you think I should move? Can’t you postpone this. Until I am more established and have earned my paralegal certificate and have some experience for my resume? This is a great community for those positions.

“Seporie! Efrum exclaimed. “We can emerge from this without my having large school debts. I will have an established world class experience. These openings are rare. We can work this out.”

Seporie’s eyes began to mist. “Will you ask your recruiter when is the latest time you have to sign up?”

“Of course,” Efrum said. “I love you.”

Seporie, said, “I love you, too. “They embraced. They went to Efrum’s apartment and loved each other as if this was their last day on earth.