WHO AM I (Insight)

While reading Ouloud, look in the mirror. Repeating as many times until you know it within

I AM Peace

I AM connecting with my greatest potiential

I AM strong within, as well as out

I AM refreshed, renewed, and rebooted

I AM Greatest Healing Power on Earth

I AM Love

I AM courage, with no fear

I AM patient

I AM completely aware of my surroundings

I AM ambitious

I AM watering the seeds previous planted 

I AM Kind

I AM whole with the infinite energy

I AM one with all knowing universe

I AM greater than yesterday. Present today. Prepared for tomorrow. 



Great Gratitute

As soon as your eyes open, start you day with "Thanks"

I AM So thankful to be present of this Morning

I AM grateful to inhale this breath that rejuvenate my entire mind, body, and soul.

I AM grateful for the kiss of the sun

I AM thankfful for the beautiful sounds of the bird's songs.

I AM thankful for peace

I AM grateful to be prepared for the day ahead 

I AM so thankful for another chance to make the impossibles, Possible

I AM grateful positive vibes


I AM grateful that I am better than yesterday

I AM grateful for my new ideas, creativity, and atistic abilities

I AM thankful for good health

I AM grateful for All the love in my life grateful for my job

I AM thankful for the wealth in my life

I AM grateful for my life

I AM thankful for my blessings, yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever

I AM thankful for the blessings in my friends and families lives

I AM grateful  for all my negitive thoughts that became positive thoughts 

I AM  grateful for the love I want to share

I AM grateful I can forgive

I AM so gratful I found me

I AM thankful for everyone in and out 

my life

I AM grateful that I Am Thankful


GrateFul Shells

Get Your GrateFul Shells Now,

Be simply reminded of ALL the things to be grateful about in life.

Then, manifest more of what your grateful about today.

Infinite Peace

Form a Peace bubble all around you, regarless of where you are, or what is going on.

I FEEL peace in, out, and through me

I THNIK  therefore I Am

I AM peace

I KNOW I am right where I Am suppose to be

I LOVE the state im in, TRANQUILITY


I HEAR soft sounds, frequencies, and vibrations

I SEE myself relaxed

I SMELL delicate senses 

I TASTE earth sweetest offering

I AM going have a easy going  peosporous day

I DID find peace, relaxation and love in my boundaries 

I AM Peace