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MARTIN KASS MEDIA is formed to provide beauty, harmony, and understanding through beautiful relaxing music, poetry, literature, and other art forms. These works are created within the company. As we grow, other artists will contribute. 

MARTIN KASS MEDIA provides Music compositions, and performance for seniors citizens and other audiences. Relaxing and engaging music that heals for assisted living, nursing homes, senior cruises, organizations and companies. Music therapy and programming for adults with special needs including Alzheimer’s & Dementia. For More Info Click Here to Seniors Songs

Piano music lesson and interactions for seniors citizens are also available.

We offer music therapy, programming, musical presentations for special occasions, holidays, and celebrations for seniors citizens. SeniorsSongs.com 
We are currently working on a study for seniors with mental health and for others as well. We ask for Your Support to bring these studies and music to ALL seniors Regardless of Income…BE A BLESSING!!! Thank You

Stef & Fred

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